Bronze medal IAAP and UPI Ribbon MOF competition 2015 in Turkey

In the 4th edition of international art photography contest MOF 2015 “IBRAHIM ZAMAN” in Turkey were rewarded my two photos:

  • The Bronze Medal for the IAAP photograph “The Fields at Sunrise” in the category of OPEN COLOR,
  • the “UPI Ribbon” for a photograph of the “Misty Sunrise” in the OPEN category.

Submissions in the competition in both categories OPEN had to comply with the rules for the “FIAP Traditional Photo” to limit the possibility of interferencein in photography.

The International exhibiton of art photography – 4. MOF 2015 is exhibition of art photography organised by MOF-Mersin Olba Photographic Association; MOF from Mersin – Turkey and  organised by Mersin Olba Photographic Economic Administrator – Operation.
The jury of the contest: Prof. Dr. Özer Kanburoğlu (AFIAP, Turkey), Ibrahim Zaman (Turkey), Vladimir Jovanovski (IAAP President, Macedonia), Leyla Emektar (EFIAP-STUPID CR/2, Turkey), Mustafa Eser (EFIAP, Hon SSS, Turkey).

The contest was attended by 325 authors and 4287 photos.

The winning photos:

"Misty sunrise" photo. Tomasz Grzyb

“Misty sunrise” photo. Tomasz Grzyb

"The Fields at Sunrise" photo. Tomasz Grzyb

“The Fields at Sunrise” photo. Tomasz Grzyb

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